Composer and Sound Designer

Kasey Polk is a freelance composer, performer, and sound designer. His focus is to create music and sound design for film,video games, sonic branding, and commercials.  

Happy New Year!

I hope that you had an awesome 2015. For me, 2015 was an incredible year. I took a leap of faith and decided to pursue my dream full time. 2015 showed me what is possible if I stick to my guns and take that leap of faith! In all of my life, I can honestly say that I have never felt more fulfilled working as I did this past year. If you have a dream or a passion and you are able to make a living out of it, please do whatever you can to make that dream come to life. This year I have some major goals that I would like to accomplish! By God's grace, I was able to accomplish more than I could have ever imagined last year, and hopefully this year I will be able to do the same. For this year, I've created a list of goals and wanted to share a few with you all. If you'd like to see how they are going feel free to reach out and help to encourage me!

2016 Goals

  • Lift Jesus up!
  • Create music and/or SFX for at least 15-20 games
  • Score at least 2 movies or short films
  • Attend at least 2 Video Game Conferences
  • Join my local IGDA chapter
  • Lose 30 Lbs!
  • Do the Assault on Mt Mitchell Bike Ride or Tour De Cure Bike Ride
  • Eat no sweets for the entire year! (HUGE GOAL)
  • Write at least 1 blog post a month!

If you haven't written down any goals yet, I suggest you do! It will be something that you can look forward to and will give you something awesome to reflect on for the end of 2016!  One thing you may notice is that a lot of my goals have a numerical value in them. I try my best to make goals that are measurable, so that I can track the data from them! Thanks again for checking me out and I hope that this year brings you many blessings! 

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