Composer and Sound Designer

Kasey Polk is a freelance composer, performer, and sound designer. His focus is to create music and sound design for film,video games, sonic branding, and commercials.  

Carnival Music!

A while back I had the fortunate opportunity to cross paths with Outlaw Games Co. and their game Shufflet.  Shufflet encourages you to build the biggest number of grouped pieces possible then clear them when *you* are ready. Shift entire rows and columns at once creating a unique brain bending challenge. The timer is always ticking, but it is well worth your time to create as many groups as possible for that BIG score before proceeding to the next level.  

While discussing the style of music with the developer, Ryan Burnside, he wanted to have a type of calliope/carnival style music to set the mood of the game. To be completely honest, I had never written in this style of music. After doing some research on calliope/carnival/circus type music, I realized that it was basically like a march. For me, playing clarinet in marching band in highschool through college, though I never wrote a march, I knew that I could do it. It was pretty fun writing a march and I'm glad that I got to add that style of music to my portfolio! Feel free to check out Shufflet and let us know what you think about it! 

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